Monday, May 07, 2007

Assembly review

Suddenly Day one in the Baptist Assembly house became packing up and hitting the road for home...

It went really well - at least the bit I was in. As co-host of Prism, I hardly left Hall A except to sleep and eat curries with mates - it was fab.

Prism went really well - actually vastly better than I was anticipating. I was working with a great team - Ruth, Amie, James, Nick, Aiden, Ed and Sam with cameo appearances by Guido and Diwari, - excellent bible study facilitators - Juliet, James (again - he's so versatile), Gareth, Matt, Wale and Adam - and special guests on each evening. So thanks to them all for making it all go so well.

We had an average turn-out of 130 each morning and evening, except on Friday, the first night, which was less (though more than I'd expected - but then I tend to err a little on the gloomy side).

Every evening was different, full of bright ideas and God moments - everyone breaking bread for everyone and sharing with friend and stranger alike on the Friday, the intense prayer of Saturday evening when the Spirit was heavy on the shoulders of the saints and the glorious joy of diwari singing the Lord's calling over newly-accredited ministers; and so many more.

I wonder if it will happen next year...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reception for us NAM types - it was great, put a massive smile on my face that was unquenchable.

Also enjoyed one of the Bible studies with you.

Hope PRISM continues into the future -even without you!