Saturday, February 16, 2008

The nest is emptying

It's all go here. My younger daughter is off to Australia in the morning so it's been packing and ensuring that she's got everything she needs - though as we never tire of pointing out, she is going to a first world country with shops and stuff!

I'm sure I'm not old enough to have a daughter of an age to go off down under for eight months. But it seems I am. With her older sister away at university, our nest is going to feel somewhat empty and quiet.

I took delivery this morning of a print to order copy of Edwin Hatch's The Organisation of the early Christian Churches and found to my surprise that there are hand-written annotations all over the text. Thinking these were in pencil, I got a rubber and started to rub them out. They are not in pencil; they are printed. It's extraordinary.

I have emailed the supplier to see if they can throw some light on it. Judging by the notes that I can read, this original reader, apart from having lovely handwiritng of a clasic kind, thought the book was pretty good!

I also received Eckhard Schnabel's Early Christian Mission (both volumes) as a gift from IVP (for reading some stuff for them and being an all-round nice person!). It's probably not something I'd have bought my self (the price is somewhat off-putting), but it looks fascinating and extremely comprehensive. I shall enjoy dipping into it.

Now I'm off to prepare a roast dinner - a last supper before my second-born heads off to the other side of the planet.


Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, I sent you an email about a back copy of the Mainstream magazine. Did you get it?

simon said...

Hi Andy - it doesn't ring a bell. Talk is no more. Was there a specific issue you were after? I have most of the articles electronically, so if you know what you're looking for, I could probably send it to you

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for articles from the summer 2003 edition, entitled: 'Church Meetings and Membership have they had it?'