Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sun shine and mellow times in Prague

Scott Hafemann's now eagerly anticipated (at least by me) work on 2Peter and Jude is for the New International Greek New Testament Commentary. This is a good series that engages with the Greek text of the NT and is pretty demanding (though usually rewarding) for the preacher. Tony Thiselton's 1 Corinthians in this series is essential reading.

The sun's been shining today, so it's been a day of chilling at IBTS enjoying the company of folk who are fast becoming friends in the convivial surroundings of the college grounds.

We went to the Sarka Valley Community Church this morning (it meets at the college, so it's not far to travel!). Emet Dunn from the BWA was preaching (and he did ok), Alex, an MA student at IBTS, led the worship (and was pretty good - nice balance of all the right elements).

I've been reading John Drane's new book, After McDonaldization (which has a very promising start - but everything Drane writes is worth paying attention to) and John Gray's wonderful Black Mass in between bouts of chat about all kinds of stuff. Actually reading is difficult here unless you shut yourself away in the library (which isn't open at weekends) because there's always a conversation happening near you that's more interesting than your book.

Back to the library tomorrow morning - and then perhaps, the castle and a hot chocolate at Kaficko. Ah sabbaticals, they're tough, but someone's got to do them...

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