Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waiting for the man to come

I love the Finan readings in July (from Celtic Daily Prayer). Not only do they contain lots of good things from Henry Drummond, but also the thought I shared yesterday and this one today by William Griffin:

'Those who do not believe in Jesus laugh at the prophecies he made but did not keep; but those who do believe, wait. Some, in the first few centuries of the Christian era, fled into the deserts of Egypt, there to weave mats one day, unweave them the next, waiting prayerfully for Jesus to come again. Others, realising that Jesus will come when he will, and not a moment before, set about the market the mats woven in the desert and to witness to their faith in the marketplace.'

That's about as wonderful a definition of what it means to wait on God as I've read in a long while. But it's also a terrific reflection on what the Christian community is for. Do we hide away praying that God's Kingdom would come or do we mix it in the market place with our neighbours, showing by our lives and our words that the Kingdom is both here and coming?

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