Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food for thought

My last post referred you to the Theos website where you can find Tom Wright's excellent paper on God and Government.

Theos is a think tank really worth getting to know. Over the past couple of years they have produced some excellent material on Christian engagement with political issues. The organisation's reports are available for free download and are worth getting, reading and talking about in your churches, book clubs, huddles at a cafe, etc.

Currently, there's an opportunity for you to comment on religious programming on the BBC, something I know is exercising some members of my congregation.

In this election year it is more vital than ever that Christians are well-informed about what's going on and how the Bible and Christian tradition might help us to make sensible choices as we head to the polling station.

So go and check Theos out here.

As well as politics, there's a string of good materials by Nick Spencer and others on Darwin which shouldn't be forgotten just because the 150th anniversary year has passed.

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Lauri said...

Hi Simon, Couldn't agree with you more about Theos.

I thought you might want to know about another website which is helping Christians engage with the elections. It has a Hustings guide as well:

its a CARE production and along with CARE issues it also has a MY manifesto section in which Christian leaders and thinkers write what their priorities for the elections would be.