Friday, February 04, 2011

The World of the Early Church

Well, I am holding and leafing through the first advance copy of The World of the Early Church and it looks and feels really good. It's hard to believe that all that typing a year or so ago has become this lovely artifact. That's credit to the team at Lion who've done a fabulous job putting it together. It'll be in the shops in March, so feel free to buy a copy for yourself and at least one for a friend!

It's up on the Amazon website (who have, at last, given me the correct middle initial!) to pre-order. But you really ought to support your local book shop, especially your local Christian retailer. It will be cheaper from Wesley Owen if you are a member of their scheme than it is from Amazon.

The book offers a social history of the world in which the church was born, looking at city life, where people lived, what they did for work, what they ate and how and where they found entertainment; and it looks at the social pecking order, family life, the economy and religion.

And it's got lots of lovely pictures in it so it won't look out of place on your coffee table!


Avey said...

Wesley Owen? Oh yes, the ex-emporium of all things cheesy and God Channel promoting...... I have never found anything cheaper in a Christian bookshop compared to other sources, including Amazon...... even with the discount for a Minister...

Hope the book does well though :-)

simon said...

you're right for the most part Avey, though the Wesley Owen list has improved since the takeover by Koroong last year.
The memberfship scheme is available to anyone not just ministers and makes my book £17 at WO rather than £18 at Amazon - but I'm happy for you to buy from your bookseller of choice!