Tuesday, March 31, 2015

El Mundo De La Igelsia Primitiva: historia social

Well, how exciting. The postman brought me a package this morning containing a book with the above title - in other my The World of the Early Church but in Spanish.

It is being jointly published in the US for Spanish speaking Americans by Lion and Libros Desafio. This is really exciting as the market among Spanish speaking Americans is quite big (it's the USA's second language after English).

So hopefully more people will get to read it and enjoy the experience.

So that's English, Dutch and Spanish - what next?

Of course, if I were to write the book now, I'd probably say some things differently. But having looked at the English version again, I think it still stands as a good summary of what NT scholars are saying about the historical and cultural context of the earliest Jesus followers.

If you haven't got your own copy yet then Manna books will sell you one (here). Or you can buy it from the beast (here) On the Amazon site there are a pleasing number of five star reviews from both the UK and US.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Simon. I'm visiting Bromley from Latin America. Is anyone selling the Spanish translation of your book here in the UK? You can email me at mrbrownlow1@gmail.com

God bless, Peter