Friday, February 18, 2005

a bit of hush at the back

Well I did my weght lifting course. you certainly do use muscles you don't when using a computer all day...

since then, I've been wrestling with Habakkuk - the prophet as opposed to the guy next door.

Habakkuk is about prayer - talking to God. As I've been reading it today I've been thinking how little I know about prayer and how scant is my knowledge of the God we're praying to.

In true nationalist style, Habakkuk can't bear the thought that God might use Babylon to judge Judah. He's complained that his peole are sinful and that the society he lives in is going to the dogs. But he cannot stomach the fact that God might use a nation far more sinful than little Judah to teach God's people a lesson in holiness.

All of this is very difficult for a white, western liberal at the start of the 21 century. Even harder when you start to make connections between Habakkuk's world and ours.

Does God still work in judgement in the world? If so, who's dishing it out and who's getting it in the neck?

I guess the neo-cons in the States will be arguing that Saddam got what was coming to him and that the USA was the hand of God. But would they be comfortable with 9/11 as a message from theb almighty, a wake-up call to an arrogant and proud nation?

And how about us - Christians I mean? Is collapsing church attendances in the UK a message from God about how we've lived? Is the darkness closing because the light is refusing to shine?

At the start of chapter 2 Habakkuk is silent. He's waiting to see how God will answer. That's a good lesson for all of us...

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Very interesting.