Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three cheers for Elbow

Great to see Elbow picking up the Mercury Prize for their album The Seldom Seen Kid the day before yesterday. What a result!

Elbow are one of the best bands in Britain - great tunes, wonderfully arranged and fabulous song writing from the almost peerless Guy Garvey. The Seldom Seen Kid is the band's fourth album and probably their best - though each one is pretty brilliant. The previous effort, Leaders of the Free World is a stunning piece of work containing one of my favourite tracks of all time (The Everthere).

Should you not be a fan, you can check out the album here (the site's a work of art in itself) and more about the band here

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Anonymous said...

If my wife ever gets to meet you, Simon, she'll need to give you a stern talking to. Whenever I spend money on Amazon, or other websites, you get the blame - on your recommendation I bought some Elbow (great listening!), I bought Mouw's book on Isaiah (which I'm reading at the moment - I'm preaching through the latter chapters of Isaiah in our evening services), and I've just ordered Simon Ponsonby's book. It's good to have someone else to blame. "It's not my fault love, Simon Jones made me do it" is my stock reply!

Seriously, thanks for some great recommendations.