Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking control of my environment

Having a bit of a sort out today and came across my Bell Jar albums. I've not listened to them for a while, so I gave them a spin. Good stuff. It sent me to their website to see if anything new was happening and came across a four-track ep, a taster of a new album due next year, and it's truly fab. Check it out here (click the listen in the bottom right of the picture).

Tidying is always a displacement activity for me. My study needed it as I was beginning to run out of surfaces to dump things on! But I need to be reading and writing and can't focus so tidying is a good distraction. And you can always comfort yourself by pointing to all the lost treasures you unearth in the process.

Ah well, enough of this. Back to work accompanied by Prefab Sprout - more unearthed treasures I've not spun for a while... gorgeous.


Ben Fairhall said...

Setting sail on that ship called Dignity?

I could do with a dose of that, after the weekend I've just had.

Ben Fairhall said...

Correction: that was Deacon Blue, of course.


simon said...

Great track. I've not played Deacon Blue for ages - I wonder that Raintown album is....