Sunday, May 02, 2010

Baptist Assembly update

Day three in the Baptist Assembly house and all is well. Four sessions in, it's possibly the best Prism ever - good numbers, excellent atmosphere, real engagement with the issues and a tangible sense of the presence of God in unexpected and rather wonderful ways.

We had a particularly good communion this morning - but Prism communions have been special from the first. But all the sessions have gone well and, possibly for the first time, I think we have created a trajectory through the weekend and are taking delegates on a journey.

The cost of all this is that I'm totally wiped out, we've one session to go, then we've got to de-rig the space and I've got to get back to Bromley to chair a hustings meeting tomorrow night. Ah well! Tuesday I shall sleep - until the leaders' meeting in the evening.

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David H. said...

Hi, Simon.

I completely agree with your reflections on Prism - it was, I think, the best ever and all the hard work of the team really paid off. I appreciate that you must have been totally wiped out, but well done!

Over the course of the weekend, my wife and I felt that a real sense of community developed within the event, as people returned night by night, morning by morning. The communion was particularly poignant and moving.

I know from last time that the facilities in Blackpool for the use of Prism are quite different and, in some ways, limiting, but it would be great to build on the Plymouth Prism we've just experienced.

Anyway, thanks again to you and the whole team. Hope to see you next year!

David Hughes, Barnstaple.