Friday, February 04, 2005

music on the move

Check out the new Athlete album - Tourist - it's a real step up from Vehicles and Animals. They're shaping up to be a tidy outfit, full of good tunes and intriguing lyrics.

They were given a bit of hard time in the Guardian last week. The journalist was wondering why they are not more overtly Christian. he asked the same about the Beddingfields. You could ask about U2 (though their recent album is pretty overt if you're paying attention).

The trouble is that if bands are overtly Christian, they get panned for being holier than thou. Religion isn't very rock and roll.

Still I'm enjoying it. Wires is the best song I've heard so far this year. Chances and Modern Mafia come close.

While you're in the record shop, pay attention to Mercury rev's The Secret Migration. It's lovely...

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Ben Mizen said...

I totally agree about the new Athlete album... sublime!