Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More thoughts on living up to our image

We went to see Coldplay at Crystal Palace on Monday evening. A group of us sat on the hill overlooking the stadium watching the gig on giant screens and through binoculars. It was great. Coldplay are a really good live band. They sang songs from each of the three albums and Chris Martin was chatty between songs. They are growing in stature.

Part of the conversation inevitably touched on church. A friend from Glasgow was describing his church in ways that made me really envious!

For one thing he talked about his 'community'. Indeed all the language he used suggested that the Christian group he's a part of is less an institution and more a family. That thrilled me. But even more wonderful was the fact that the group's main mission strategy is making friends and having parties. How good is that?!

As we speak, I'm working on a 'party strategy'(!) for our church to talk through at our leaders' awayday in July with a view to launching it in the autumn. Such a strategy could be the way to open up a dialogue about the Christian faith on the estate we live on. It's long term and has integrity. On top of that, it sounds a great deal of fun!

Spent a lot of time in the car yesterday, during which time I fell in love with the album by Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama called There will be a light. Gloriously life and faith affirming gospel blues - and it's only £4.99 in the HMV sale!!


TB said...

Sounds like your friend in Glasgow has been listening to or taking inspiration from Andrew Jones. If I knew anything about html tags I'd put the relevant url in - sorry.
Anyway, the tallskinnykiwi himself talks about:
'telling stories, throwing parties, making friends, giving gifts, hanging out and taking it easy'
It's an interesting take on what our contemporary Christian communities might look and be like.

simon said...

Thanks tb - he probably had. Still andrew's 'mission statement' is great, isn't it? I would do the link as well but I'm such a novice at this

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!