Monday, March 13, 2006

Keeping the balls aloft

Life's been a bit manic (again) hence the gap between posts.

Have been listening to the Arctic Monkeys (excellent) and Sarah McLachlan (equally excellent), but the stand out music of the last fortnight has been Eels live album called Live at Town Hall. It's a great collection of songs - heavily weighted to the wonderful Blinking Lights album - played by E and string section, pump organ and guitar. It shows off his song writing skills and especially his ability to deliver a lyric.

In between I've been working. I finished my Galatians manuscript and sent it off to the publisher - I await the blue pencil response! We're more than halfway through a series on basic Christian beliefs which is proving quite interesting. Last night it was the cross and I'm not sure it went as well as I'd hoped - it's such a vast subject I felt like I was drowning in it at times.

I've been counting the number of balls I have to keep up in the air. My admin assistant (what a luxury it is to have one!) has produced me an action plan of my roles - in the church and beyond. It runs to some 15 separate items (many of which are multi-faceted).

Looking at it I wonder - does church have to be this complicated?

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Anonymous said...

Reading this blog put me in mind of a survey I saw in the Sunday papers. Is your head full of clutter - find out if you need a mental clearout. Apparently I'm a classic case - I worry about everything on my mental 'to do' list, I often feel overwhelmed by life, I always find it difficult to focus on one thing and I always read more than two books at a time... the list goes on. The verdict - 'Your schedule is forever packed, but with what? Learn to stop sweating the small stuff.'

Sound advice I guess - not easy to put into practice though. I just hope you don't fall into the next category Simon, 'for this way madness lies...'

By the way I have never considered myself a luxury item but I'm honoured and very happy with 'the small stuff!'. Your admin assistant.