Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life after prism

The Baptist Assembly went really well - possibly the best for a long time. Richard Foster was awesome on the last night. Kate Coleman - our new president - was truly inspirational on the home mission evening. It was good to catch up with people and see Brighton clubland close-up.

I was there to lead Prism - the first alternative strand at the assembly. And all things considered it went well. Good numbers, good atmosphere, people joining in and fantastic music. Both Krystaal, our house band on Saturday and Sunday, and Gareth Davies-Jones, who graced our programme on Friday evening, were brilliant.

If you've not checked out Gareth Davies-Jones you really should. He's made two albums of intelligent, beautifully-played folk (with a funky-ish feel). You can hear samples and order product at www.headingwestmusic.com

And what can you say about Krystaal? Three brothers from the Congo, forced to flee following the university masacre in the dying days of the Mbutu regime, reunited in Canada through the commitment and support of Baptist Christians, they are a tight, funky outfit producing music that exudes life, hope and joy. Check out their album Keep on Standing. Another CD is imminent.

I'm now picking up the pieces back home, seeing what's happened and what the week holds. I'll be reflecting further on Prism later in the week. If you were there post a comment - I'd be really interested to know what you thought (good or bad)

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