Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Catching an exhibition

Went to see the Rodin exhibition at the Royal Academy today. I don't know much about him - except the kiss and the thinker - but was impressed by his ability to breathe life into stone. I went with a delightful member of my congregation who made the trip a real joy.

Picked up Philip Jenkins' new book. He wrote The Next Christendom a couple of years ago which is a compelling analysis of the rise of the church in the south. His new one is more of the same, looking at the use of the Bible in the Christianity of the southern hemisphere and coming to some surprising conclusions (apparently). I'm looking forward to it. It's in the qua after I've finished Horrell and a book by Paul McKechnie, a New Zealand-based ancient historian, called The First Three Centuries: perspectives on the Early Church. It's very readable.

We'll be experimenting with new ways of doing members meetings in the new year - following last night's leaders' meeting - in as much as we're going to try having one on a Sunday over lunch.

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Wulf said...

Rodin is a fantastic sculptor - I had the privilege on doing a project on him, Epstein and Moore as one of the courses I took when I was a VIth former and his work (and that of the other two) has stuck with me.

BTW, I look forward to hearing how the members meeting experiment turns out. Food is always good - for example, I suspect that without the meal element, the Alpha course may not have blossomed in the way it has.

Who gets to do the washing up though?