Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New improved

My blogger account has changed to a new improved version - so I hope you can tell the difference! One thing it allows me to do is to label my posts which sounds fun.

When I went to it this morning I had to log in twice which was a pain but apart from that it seems pretty similar to the previous version. I'll explore its features and hopefully find exciting new ways to convery my shallow thinking.

I've been listening to the new album by Taureg band Tinariwen. Called Aman Iman (meaning Water is Life) it's a wonderful mixture of jangling guitars and haunting vocals.


Wulf said...

Can you get it to put a list of labels on the page? That would be a useful way to dig back to sets of postings you have put up, even when there is nothing related on the front page.

Trev said...

I got some more berber kind of music for you if you interested that I collected from my travels to Morocco. One really good one is Idir. Ever been to the sacred music festival in Brighton every October?

simon said...

Hey Trev, I'd love to hear what you've collected and no I've not heard of that festival in Brighton - any more details?