Friday, August 10, 2007

New books

My copy of Dick France's commentary on Matthew in the NICNT series arrived yesterday. Dick was one of my NT lecturers at LBC and an inspiring and godly exegete, so I'm looking to getting stuck in to his 1000+ page tome.

Matthew will form the basis of the church's teaching programme from October to Easter, so it's good to have such a substantial dialogue partner with which to launch into the text. He will be supplemented with Luz (his slim Cambridge introduction) and Stanley Hauerwas' theological commentary which is full of spikey and suggestive stuff.

I also received L Anne Jervis' At the Heart of the Gospel: suffering in the earliest Christian message, a book that explores Paul's reflection on suffering in 1 Thessalonians, Philippians and Romans. A first glance suggests it's going to be very helpful.


Anonymous said...

I can't find the Francis Matthew commentary available in UK yet..where did you get it from? I have also found two Hauerwas commentaries?? please help!

simon said...

I got the France commentary from my local Wesley Owen bookstore. The full publishing details are: R. T. France The Gospel of Matthew (New International Commentray on the New Testament), Eerdmanns 2007 ISBN 978-0-8028-2501-8. Hope that helps.