Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rob Frost

I was really sorry to hear of the death of Rob Frost yesterday. A full account of his life and tributes can be found at www.sharejesusinternational.com/

I didn't know Rob well but when I was editing Christianity he was generous with his time and his thoughts for which I was really grateful. He always struck me as someone driven with a passion to share Jesus, a heart for the Kingdom and a desire to work with anyone similarly motivated whatever their denominational background or way of doing things.

He invited me to Easter People to talk about the new magazine and had me on his Premier Radio show a couple of time to talk about both the magazine and the first edition of Struggling to Belong.

He was an inspirational figure and his death leaves a big hole. My prayers are with his family.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Simon - a customer did mention this last week but I hadn't got around to looking up the details yet.
Rob was the closing speaker at the Wesley Owen managers' conference in 2006 and spoke very strongly and encouragingly about the value of the ministry of Christian retailing we are involved in. His books may not have been great sellers but he was a guy with a great heart for God and for the church. I always tried to listen to his show on Premier Radio on Sunday morning as he introduced an amazingly wide range of people involved in different Christian ministries.

Dave B