Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The slow road back to wellville

Well, here I am still struggling to throw off this flu bug. It's left me feeling drained with a tightness across my chest and a bit of hacking cough. Still, life goes on...

Nearly finished Rob Warner's book. The second half - on the theological changes - has been fascinating. I was particularly heartened by his account of the adopting of the new basis of faith by my old Alma mater, London Bible College, under its now former principal, Derek Tidball.

I found the accounts of the various bases of faith a tad dull and dis-spiriting, the latter because it seems to confirm that evangelicals are pathologically obsessed with circling the wagons and keeping out the enemy - even when the enemy turns out to be Bible believing Christians with a slightly different take on some arcane point of doctrine.

For a movement heading for the rocks - and potential oblivion - shuffling who sits where on the poop deck seems a calamitous waste of resources!

I've been preparing some thoughts on how we do mission for delivery to Spurgeon's students in the morning. I'm looking forward to it - it'll be the first work I've done for a week!

And my spell-checker has returned - thank you blogger central (or whoever you are)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

thanks for the lecture at Spurgeon's this morning, it was good to hear from you and particularly (for me) to see that being called to engage relevantly with our wider community and parish ministry (using my anglican language) are not mutually exclusive - sometimes with the 'fresh expressions' stuff floating around it can give the impression that something has to be outside the parish church for it to reach our postmodern generation - not true of the best fresh expressions stuff, I know, but still the notion is there.

anyway, thanks and hope you recover fully soon.


Bob said...

Simon - as you might see from my blog (www.revbobuk.blogspot.com) I'm looking into mission and community during my Sabbatical; just wondered if you have any notes of that lecture you might be willing to share?

simon said...

Hi Bob,
You are very welcome to have my notes from my Spurgeon's lecture. Drop me an email and I'll send them to you