Friday, September 12, 2008

The dark side of eschatology?

As I've been getting into our series on hope, I've been reading some of Stephen Sizer's material on Israel and Zionism. He is excellent - clear, concise, well-informed and spot-on in his treatment of the biblical material.

It is that last point that makes his contribution on the vexed issue of 'the Bible, Israel and the Church' (the subtitle of his book Zion's Christian Soldiers, IVP 2007) so helpful. Lots of his writing can be found on his website here.

As I've been working through the issues of hope, I am realising that I need to tackle the whole 'end times' industry and the issues it highlights. I'm just not sure how. In a couple of weeks I shall put a toe in the water by talking about millennialism.

My lecturer at LBC, as he outlined the various positions, described himself as pro-milennial - 'whenever it happens, if God wants it, I'm for it,' he says. Can't argue with that!

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