Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Art to stir compassion and action

...and in relation to my previous post, I've just taken delivery of a CD and DVD by Compassionart, the brain child of delirious front-man, Martin Smith. On it a number of high-profile worship song writers turn their talents to composing a set of songs highlighting the plight of the world's poor.

Profits from sales of the CD, the accompanying book and copyright payments when the songs are sung in church will go to projects across the world helping some of the most vulnerable citizens on planet earth.

There's some good and eminently singable songs on the record - so I've no doubt we'll be learning some of them at our church .

And the accompanying website is inviting people of all kinds to get involved in making art that changes lives and raises awareness. That can only be a good thing. So check it out here

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Lucy Mills said...

looks good!