Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insight into Iraq

We went to see Andrew White at the LICC yesterday evening. He's the vicar of Baghdad, very opinionated and politically incorrect; very funny but also very moving. Life in the city is improving but many still die unnecessarily - among them large numbers of the Christian community.

Andrew still feels that the invasion was absolutely right and the removal of Saddam was the only option available to the world. I'm not sure I agree - I think the war lacked legality and the aftermath still seems worse than what was removed. But I was grateful for his insight and impressed by his faithfulness in really difficult circumstances. I will pray for the country with more knowledge.

Good too that LICC is still putting on events like this - it was not as well attended as I'd expected and the buffet lacked a little something for those of us coming straight from work. But the centre in Vere Street does remain a key place where christians engage with the difficult issues of the world intelligently and prayerfully. long may it continue.


Anonymous said...

I too have heard Cannon Andrew White speak. I too found him amusing and thoughtful.

However, I struggle to understand how he (or anyone else for that matter) can still consider the invasion of Iraq as the right thing to have happened. Is he in possession of evidence that has missed this blogger?

You use the term unlawful. It was, but unlawful is too sanitized a term, I prefer illegal, or if I am really going to be bold, I would say that the war was/is sinful.

So yes lets keep on praying for Cannon White and everyone involved in Iraq. Let's pray for peace and justice, including justice for the politicians whose hands are still wet with the blood of the innocent.

simon said...

Good points - well made.

I think there is still a small coterie of people who were pressing for the Iraq war from the mid-90s who think they were right to do what they did - whatever the cost. I fear Andrew White might be one of them.

It was his answer to a question about Obama that gave the game away a little. His answer was that he hasn't met Obama but received letters from George W.

I'll certainly add my voice to Starbucks' prayer.