Thursday, April 30, 2009

Words and their opposites

When you get disillusioned, does it mean that when you felt everything was going just fine, you were 'illusioned'?

I was talking to someone yesterday who's become pretty disillusioned with church. But as he described his experiences in various places, at big and small churches, in and out of various streams, I wondered whether his entire journey was one of 'illusion-ment'.

Perhaps the only way to avoid being disillusioned with church - and let's face it, there's lots more to cause disillusion than hope - is to stay put and build a community of people who share their lives, shout at each other, comfort and support each other, commit to stick with each other come what may.

This seems to me to be the only way to pierce the illusion and arrive at something other than disillusionment.


Holy Joe said...

Another common 'post-evangelical' reaction- disenchantment- has the same reverse meaning.

Ben said...

Think you'll like this:

Brett Dennen, Ain't No Reason

simon said...


You're absolutely right - what a fabulous song and an amazing video!

thanks for the link - everyone else should check it out.