Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Assembly moments

There were lots of highlights for me at the Baptist Assembly this year.

I think chief among them was the way the team that led Prism, who hadn't really worked together in this way before, gelled and produced some really good sessions. It's been gratifying to have some positive feedback as well.

Another highlight was undoubtedly Keith Judson, regional minister in the Midlands, and his two boys playing Keith's song The White Slaves of England. In rehearsal it pretty much moved me to tears; it's a cracking song - it ought to be on a CD and soon (hope you're reading this, Keith).

It was also wonderful to meet and work - as well as dance - with Luran Bethel. She's a thoroughly lovely person, with a great ministry.

One of the curious things about leading Prism is that I have no real sense of what else happened in the BIC over the weekend. I heard snippets about how sessions were going from friends I bumped into and at the 7am ELT breakfast (not one of the highlights!).

I wonder if there still has to be more iuntegration between Prism and what happens in the other place in terms of guests. One thing that disappoints me still is that Jonathan and David didn't just drop in, didn't make it a priority to be at one Prism session. But, I appreciate, Assembly's a busy tiome for them. And perhaps we are not gathering by the seaside to see them.

It was great to catch up with people between sessions, share a beer or lunch with old friends and see how their lives and ministries are going.

All in all, it was a great weekend - one of the best Assemblies I've been to. Now, the question is, will we do it all again next year? Let's sleep on that one for a while...


Jonathan said...

Hey Simon, was good spend time with you, and good to be at some of Prism.

I'm glad you enjoyed some relaxing time in Assembly Unplugged too - for me the highlights also include Keith & the Judsons and spending time with Lauren - I always hoped Unplugged would be a place where we saw a more relaxed or alternative side to the guests - we surely did this year.

Grace and peace

Craig Gardiner said...

If we don't do it all again there's going to be some mighty empty space in Plymouth ... maybe we could put a sign outside saying 'Baptist Assembly were to be here but due to the rapture ....

Seriously though thanks for Prism every year ... and esp this one.

Tim said...

Hi Simon
I couldn't agree more about the lack of integration between Prism and the rest of Assembly.
Clare and I did, at least, get BT to take some pictures of the artwork which have, amazingly, appeared in this week's edition.

But it is disappointing that Prism seems to have had no impact on the main auditorium.

Following on from the Real Life Worship seminar, Clare and I have set up a website ( and a blog ( to publish some of our prayers/ worship resources. Hope they might be of some use.

Tim Presswood