Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Kingsbridge

We've decamped to Devon for Christmas, spending it with good friends.

Just back from a wonderful walk across Bantham beach - didn't go in the water today! - and up over the headland before retiring to the Sloop for a coffee. Sheer bliss.

Spent five hours on the M4 yesterday which wasn't so blissful. It was bumper to bumper and we rarely got above 30mph. And then the traffic cleared as soon as we hit the M5 at around 6pm, so our usual 4 hour journey took nearer to nine hours.

But it's worth it for the company and scenery!

Listened to Boo Hewerdine in the car who kept me feeling mellow. I was reminded just how good a songwriter he is.

Happy Christmas everyone.

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Jule said...

We're in devon too - isn't it great!