Tuesday, January 05, 2010

writing and planning

Well I finished the leaders' prayer meeting because we'd been promised a foot of snow by 9pm and walked home under cloudless skies on a perfectly dry pavement. Ah well.

I managed half a chapter today, describing city life in Pompeii and Ostia. I should finish it tomorrow. That'll be one down, seven to go. So will meet my 31 January deadline? I reckon I might.

We pondered church planting this evening. Having launched messy church a year ago and seen it establish itself as a good monthly fixture, attracting about 50 regulars, it's time to leave the building.

So, this year's challenge is to consolidate St Arbuck's into a new congregation not just an adjunct of our morning service at Starbucks a couple of hours later. And to see if the allotment group will grow into a congregation or missional community of some kind. And then what?

Aren't new years exciting?

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