Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finishing touches all round

Having planned the framework for Prism, I've been spending the day sorting out running orders, shopping for a good deal of the stuff we need in the zones and listening to copious quantities of dance and chill out tracks to serve as background and fill-in music when people are gathering and in zones. The bar will be open in our venue from 7pm, so we need to ensure a suitable atmosphere is created as delegates arrive.

We've had trouble sourcing 200ml cartons of red grape juice (any suggestions? we need 150 of them) but apart from that we've got everything we need to ensure the event goes with a swing.

The plaster is drying nicely in our bathroom ready for the tiler to come tomorrow and make it look fabulous. So hopefully we're on track for a Friday tea-time finish. I'll be in Plymouth, but the rest of the family will be able to spend the weekend moving between the shower and the bath, washing off a fortnight's accumulated grime.


Angela said...

re 200ml cartons of grape juice.

Q1 - does it have to be CARTONS - if bottles of grape will do, try Hipp baby foods, Pago juices, or the Kingdom Coffee company. Problem with those options is a disposability and cost

Q2 - does it have to be GRAPE? you can get 200ml cartons of blackcurrant,[eg Ribena] or pouches [capri sun] problem - flavour

[OK it doesn't taste the same, but one pouch of 'capri sun' blackcurrant fills a chalice when I am doing a small Care Home communion service!]

see you in plymouth

simon said...

That's really helpful. Thanks, Angela. We are probably going to go the Ribena/Capri Sun route