Sunday, August 01, 2010

What church is really all about

We were at a great wedding yesterday that showed us once again what church can be like.

David and Ruth tied the knot at a service of real emotion and joy and then had a reception in our church hall transformed into a Bedouin tent and catered with love and expertise by their home group.

It was evidence of what happens when take seriously the idea that church is a community of folk who are there for each other, to enable them to achieve things they couldn't have achieved on their own.

The home group had dedicated themselves to weeks of planning and long days in the run up to yesterday of hard work and commitment. The result was a day of joy and celebration where the presence of God in both the service and reception was palpable.

It was yet more proof that church is best when it's small, when a group no bigger than can fit around a large dining table commit themselves to each other, to share their lives with one another and encounter the risen Jesus in their midst as a result.

So a big thank you to everyone involved in making it happen. Thank you for showing me the potential there is when a group of disciples take seriously the idea that church is a family.

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Ruth and David said...

Thanks Simon. We fully agree. without the help from our home group the wedding may not even have taken place at least not as wonderfully as it did. As I tried to say in my nervous speech family is everything and I include our home group family in that.