Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Getting to grips with rewrites

Today I start rewriting and recasting my dissertation, sharpening the arguments, creating better signposting and even adding commas (my supervisor is very keen on commas). This should all be relatively straight-forward - though I have to substantially rewrite the economics chapter (mapping that out is today's task). It was the first one I wrote and I was constantly feeling my way into a style of argument as I wrote it, even making up my thesis as I went along, so I suspect it makes a number of contradictory cases simultaneously.

The bit of this I am not really looking forward to is compiling the bibliography. So is there anyone out there who has discovered a good tool for doing this - one where you put the author's name into a search engine and all his/her books come up in full bibliography style, for example, or where an ISBN number will yield the full title and publsihing details in a form that can be transported into a Word document at the click of a mouse?

So, better get a coffee...

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Catriona said...

Erm, aren't you using EndNote or RefWorks? I wouldn't want to be starting to use them from scratch at your stage of things but you can import from a lot of library catalogues straight to EndNote, and from EndNote to Word is is "simples" once you've set up the format you want.

Endnote is not cheap (about £100) but it's everso easy to use and makes life sooo much easier longterm.

Someone like Graham Doel may know of open source equivalent software

I suspect though it might take you as long to set up the database now as to do manual edits.