Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The end of a great adventure

I have just put the last full stop at the end of the last sentence of my MA dissertation (well, it was actually a sentence halfway down page 13 but it's the last one I intend to write!). It is done; complete; finished. Coming in at 47,625 words (a shade under the maximum), A Church in Every Worskhop? The Economic, Physical and Social Location of the Early Pauline Communities will be winging its way to the examiners tomorrow. Hopefully, they will give it the thumbs up and I will get my prize from the Archbishop of Canterbury in June.

I feel like a pearl diver who at the end of extended sojourn in deep ocean is coming to the surface. In a moment the sun will strike my skin, I will squint in its brightness and I will take in lungs-full of fresh air. And then...? I'm not sure. I will suddenly have time and brain space for other things - which is good because there are lots of other things to requiring time and brain space. But I think as the idea of completion settles in, it will feel good.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the feeling of breathing above the surface again and try to fight off the temptation to take in another deep breath before preparing yourself to dive again.
Great news and well deserved. And the publisher is...?

Lucy Mills said...

Well done...I'm still hankering to start an MA, let alone finish one!

simon said...

I found it a lot easier to start than finish!

Anonymous said...

Well done! And now the PhD...?