Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Salvaging a day at CRE

Back from The Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown race course. It was a surprisingly good day. Surprising because  met some lovely people - old friends (including the lovely Clive Price and the equally lovely Gareth Wilde) and one or two exhibitors with a good story to tell.

But the event itself had a tired feel. There wasn't much of a buzz about the place and the seminar programme was lacklustre and predictable. It somehow felt smaller than the last time I went (which must have been ten years ago); it covers the same acreage but lacks ambition.

So if I hadn't met some lovely people it would have been a completely wasted day. It just goes to show what a difference people make! The standouts were Indigo Coffee (we use them already at church but it was great to some of the team behind what is an excellent service) and Ki'pe'peo, a project retailing cards made by a group of women from recycled materials (rubbish basically) in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. The cards are beautiful and the project is a wonderful example of how a small co-operative venture can empower the lives of people on the margins of society. I look forward to receiving my first delivery for church.


Angela said...

In total agreement with you about CrEx. Considerably smaller than last year, and quite lacklustre in many respects.
Heather on the Silent Lights stand, and the Indigo Valley crowd [both companies whose products we use at church] were great. The girls on the Spurgeons College stand yesterday were bright and cheerful, and the IVP guy was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. But that was it really. And as for the cost of refreshments...
But like you, we met some good friends as we went round, which made it a little more worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

WOW We had a GREAT time yesterday (Thursday at CRE). We chose the day carefully by looking at the advance programme to make the most of the seminars.

The guys from "REjoice in RE" were amazing and we highly recommend them. ( Would you like to teach the whole bible to children in school lessons and leave them cheering for more? Tens of thousands of children every year are taught the Bible in such a fun, interactive way, they leave being able to retell the story of the whole Old Testament after only five 1-hour fun and action packed lessons.

Psalm 119:130...As your words are taught, they give light; even the simple can understand them

We then braved the seminar on Healing and Wholeness and welcomed some challenging discussion if not some of the tone of it. We as a church have to get real in our teaching on this topic and how we show love to those that are not healed.

The highlight was an hour with Steve Lucas, shamelessly promoting his new book "There are no STRONG PEOPLE" with great humour and insight using the story of Samson as we have never heard it before. Bought the book.

Our final seminar will remain nameless as it was death by powerpoint!

And we got home in time to cook dinner for the ravenous hoard we call our children.

With thanks to friends who collected them from school for us.