Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A thought for Jon Lord

Jon Lord - the great keyboard man from Deep Purple - died yesterday. So, here's his classic composition from Deep Purple in Rock, Child in Time, captured live in 1970. Lord was from my home town - Leicester - and the band was a back drop to my teen years. I was never a big fan but they do represent a certain musical moment.

Child in Time was that potent mix of riffs, wonderful keyboards, classical music motifs and portentous (not to say pretentious) lyrics that lifted Deep Purple above the slew of driving rock bands that flooded the concert halls in the early to mid-70s. So enjoy a nostalgic ten minutes (yes, it really is that long!) or, if you weren't born, roll your eyes and wonder what the fuss was about....

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J Wilks said...

Simon - thanks for that - a trip down memory lane? Not quite. I was listening to it the other day, along with "When a Blind Man Cries." One of my favourite tracks of the era is Highway Star. Led Zep was one of the other bands I followed and I suppose I should admit to Grand Funk and Sabbath, as well. How the social mores have changed - the audience sitting sedately and politely! When did you last see that at any pop concert? Roll on the new Muse album.