Friday, June 06, 2008

Waiting for our ride to the airport

We're all packed up and waiting for our ride to the airport. It's been fabulous in Prague and we're sorry to be going home after a month (I could have stayed for another at least!)

We had a great evening yesterday - dinner with Phil and Alex (a lovely young couple working here for another year; Alex is looking for a church in the UK from next autumn - she'll be a considerable catch!) Then on to Ungelt to hear Chicken soup a wonderful jazz-fusion band.

We'll be leaving with lots of good memories - I'll post some pix once we're home and have sorted outthe 400 or so I took(!) - and having made a bunch of good friends. I hope some of them will be our doorstep in the UK at some stage - we'll certainly be back on theirs.

So, now it's a week at home and then off to France for a fortnight to recover. Sabbaticals - they're tough and not everyone can keep up!

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Hazel said...

I've enjoyed following your adventures in Prague. We miss you, but, as you say yourself, sabbaticals have to be done by someone! Love to you both as you're home and then enjoy France.