Monday, June 30, 2008

Life returning to normal

Hanging on for the dvla this morning, the phone system played me David Gray's Sail Away, not the best song in the world, but a considerable step up from a tinny electronic Greensleeves! And once through, a lovely Welsh lady was very helpful. Thanks, Swansea.

This week, our last before Linda starts her new job, will be spent sorting stuff out at home and in the garden and visiting folk. We have to buy a new car as ours is on its last legs - though it did a trouble-free 1600 miles in France (not bad for a ten year old Renault that's done 93,000 miles!) - so I'm trawling websites and dealers looking for bargains on the greenest car we can afford.

I am also getting my thoughts together ahead of a meeting next week with a publisher for what would be the biggest book I've written. More on that later.

I have another month of sabbatical left, so I'll be doing some thinking, some writing, some planning - and a lot more chilling...

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