Thursday, July 03, 2008

the trials of car buying

Well, we've just bought ourselves a (nearly)new car! It happened quicker than I expected but it's good to get it over and done with.

Having agonised about what type of car to go for - Focus C-max, Citroen C4 Picasso, Volkswagen golf - we decided this morning that we really wanted a more comfortable version of the car we've got - a Renault scenic.

So, off we went to the dealer, having checked websites for used car values, talked to him about what we wanted, test drove a vehicle that's only six months old and done just under 9,000 miles and was on their books at a very competitive price. And we decided to buy it! Well, it's something we only do once every six or seven years, so why not?

Apart from having everything we were looking for - a wheel at each corner, low C02 emissions, power steering, central locking, you know the kind of thing... - this one has a six CD changer located under the front passenger seat and a good beefy sound system (how sad am I to think these things matter)

We get it next week...

Now we're having a cup of tea wondering what we've done!


Anonymous said...

Scenic's are fab. I'm on my third. Margaret

Jonathan said...

At last, a proper CD player in your car!