Saturday, July 19, 2008


So, I bit the bullet and bought the guitar - the lovely Simon & Patrick guitar - from the shop down the road. Not only did I save myself a couple of hundred quid, but I also supported my local economy - so I feel doubly good.

I've now done nearly everything I wanted to do with my sabbatical - and I need a rest!

Next week I'm hoping to record some songs on Clifford's set-up so I can see what they sound like.

I will also be revising my book outline for the publisher - a promising first meeting has led to a second meeting where some revisions in what I'm proposing and some fleshing out of things is required. I think it's looking good but it'll be a month before I know for sure.

I'll also be thinking about going back to work. Curiously, I am looking forward to this!

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