Monday, August 25, 2008

...and the winner is...

What can I say, I have been honoured by Catriona with a blog award - and here's the award logo (left) to prove it. I haven't prepared a speech but I'd just like to thank my parents, neighbours, wife, children, countless church members too numerous to mention, every family pet and the man with the beard who keeps coming to my house claiming to work with me. I couldn't have blogged without them...
Of course, I know have to nominate 7 other worthy bloggers. Worse, I have to work out to put their blog names as a hyperlink so that people can just run their mouse over the name and be taken straight to their wonderful, insightful and entertaining sites.
What's more, I can't nominate those already named by Catriona - who has excellent taste in blogs!
So here goes...
Christendom - Chris Tilling's anarchic NT blog about to relocate from Germany to London
Euangelion - Michael Bird and Joel Willetts always excellent and informative NT blog
the red pill - Jonathan Somerville's richly entertaining and prescient blog that I will be following more closely in the coming weeks
The Stuff of the Earth - Michael Pahl's NT blog
the word at the barricades - Stuart Blythe's witty and trenchant blog
simply simon - an Australian blog by a theologian-cook - there aren't enough of those in the world!
tall skinny kiwi - the original blog by Andrew Jones, great thinker and communicator on the fringe of the emerging community of followers of Jesus. Still crazy after all these years. Still essential reading.
Have fun with all of these. Hopefully they'll nominate a few in their turn...


Chris Tilling said...

hey Simon,

Apart from the word "anarchic". Did you perhaps misspell "angelic"?

simon said...

angelic goes without saying, of course! I meant anarchic in a good way, you understand...!