Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Books on hope

The Goldingay quote in my previous posting is from a very helpful collection of essays called What are We Waiting for? Christian Hope and Contemporary Culture edited by Stephen Holmes and Russell Rook (Paternoster 2008), published to compliment Spring Harvest's theme this year.

It's a collection of biblical, historical and theological studies on hope by some top people. I'd say it was essential reading on the subject.

Also worth reading are, of course, Tom Wright's Surprised by Hope (SPCK 2007) and his grove booklet New Heavens, New earth: The Biblical Picture of Christian Hope (Grove Biblical Series number 11 1999), an expansion of his Drew Lecture delivered at Spurgeon's College in 1993.

David Lawrence's not the end of the world (SU 1995 - though it might have been republished by someone else more recently) is also really good - a genuine entry-level guide to all things eschatological.

Krish and Miriam Kandiah's Spring Harvest study guide Finding an Unshakeable Hope (Authentic 2008) is also worth checking out, though to my mind it only covers half the field; the half it covers, however, it covers very well.

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