Monday, September 22, 2008

Play games and feed the world

Thanks to Janice who at our harvest service yesterday recommended a website called free rice (you can find it here) where you can play all kinds of games to improve your mental agility and for every answer you get right, twenty grains of rice are given to the world food programme to help eradicate hunger.

So this morning before breakfast I was playing a definitions game and donated 600 grains - not much, but imagine if we all did it!


Jonathan said...

like life wasn't already busy enough! Thanks for another way to fill up a coffee break, the artist game is quite fun.

Thanks again for the comments and for coming on Saturday, it meant a lot.

Grace and peace

simon said...

Yeah, it's kind of addictive... I do it before breakfast to salve my conscious about the amount of grains of rice I'm about to consume!

It was great to share in your induction. It seems a good church and you and Susanna looked really at home - that was great to see.

Blessings for the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

So who counts out the rice grains?

Jonathan said...

"Anonymous said...

So who counts out the rice grains?"

The bean counters are moonlighting maybe?

I'll get my coat....