Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So what - a classic of soul music

Just listening to Radio 4's Soul Music devoted to Miles Davis So What off the Kind of Blue album. Wow! What a piece of music. What a bunch of musicians - including John Coltrane on saxaphone, Bill evans on piano

If you missed the programme, go to the listen again feature on the radio 4 website. You'll not regret it.

Then, like me, you'll need to order the album...


Geoff Colmer said...

Glad that you've been wowed by Kind of Blue - Flamenco Sketches must be one of my favourite pieces of music. Somehow it just doesn't fit with Miles' nickname as 'the prince of darkness'! I enjoy your blog.

simon said...

Thanks, Geoff.
I'm looking forward to the album arriving from Play - I'll let you know what i think of Flamenco Sketches.