Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting ready for Bournemouth

The Baptist assembly is looming - three days away and still quite a bit to prepare. But I'm sure it'll all go well - we've a really good team involved in Prism this year, so I have every confidence that it'll be all right on the night.

I've been preparing stuff for our history zone on John Bunyan and William Carey - great baptists who represent something about the core values we're exploring, Bunyan on sacrifice and Carey on inclusion.

Writing the stuff on Bunyan made me want to dust off my copy of The Pilgrim's Progress and read it again. I had not realised just how much he had written in later life or what a sacrifice he had made - he spent a third of his life in prison because he refused to tell the court that he wouldn't preach the gospel.

I hope his and other stories from our Baptist past inspire us over the weekend to live up to their example.


Catriona said...

Sounds good - I'll look forward to it.

Any Baptist women in your historical bits? I am always struck by Miss Rennant and Miss Timmins, two Zenana missionaries, who evidently didn't have first names.

And are you presiding at communion in flip-flops again?!

Anonymous said...

Will you be reporting on the conference at a sunday meeting, at all? I would be interested to hear your reflections on how the community is developing, and where it's going in the future.

simon said...

I'm afraid there aren't any baptist women in the five - though every delegate will be invited to pitch in their heroes and heroines from the past.

if the weather's good, communion will be served in flip flops

and yes, I'll be reflecting on the community somewhere, somehow. watch this space.