Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where the sun shines its light

So the Sun has switched allegiance. Is anyone surprised? Does anyone really care? Do newspapers really decide what we think or how we vote? If so, then we truly get the leaders we deserve.

It is part of a larger pattern within the Murdoch empire, of course. James Murdoch's speech at the Edinburgh TV festival shows that the Sun's owners continue to think media is safe only in the hands of unaccountable billionaires.

It's enough to make you even more grateful for the riot of views, opinions and facts in the blogosphere.

I guess if nothing else the Sun's move confirms that the general election campaign has started!


Anonymous said...

How did it go at StArbucks?

simon said...

we had a good time. The programme worked well, the space is good - we might configure slightly differently next time - the conversations round the table were animated.

Having said that, most of the attendees were regular church goers! But as several of them pointed out, they found is valuable for two reasons. One was that they got to know people they'd worshipped with for years in a way they hadn't been able to in a regular church context. The other was that they'd have confidence bringing a friend now they've experienced.

So, that probably bodes well for the next one at the end of October