Sunday, October 04, 2009

Telling the story of God's mission

Like Jim over at living wittily, I was at an induction yesterday. And I would endorse everything he says about the service for Catriona at Hillhead.

My mate Richard was being inducted to the pastorate at Upminster. I had the privilege of preaching on the theme - chosen by him - of 'the church has left the building', reflecting on the crucial missional call of God's people.

The service was a joyous mix of worship and story-telling, encouragement and challenge. And, of course, it was followed by fantastic church buffet, canapes and conversation over endless cups of tea.

It reminded me why I do this, because in the story-telling there was a profound sense of the God who leads us on, urging to step out together into this adventure of mission he's been on forever. And looking round the congregation, I had a wonderful sense of the potential of these ordinary people to be extraordinary in their acts of simple kindness that could change the world.


Ben Fairhall said...

I've tracked down a song which sums this all up superbly well. (I'll e-mail you the chords!)

We Are Blessed, Andy Flanagan

'We are blessed to bless a world in pieces
We are loved to love where love is not
We are changed to be the change You promised
We are freed to be Your hands, O God'

This should be a Later Service theme song, in my humble opinion... It's certainly becoming mine.

Andy, interestingly, is a singer-songwriter from round our way (well, Luton) and a self-professed Christian Socialist. I ordered his CD Son yesterday, and wanted to bring it on Wednesday night, but my prolifgacy means I am now unable to do so... I'm sure it would be right up your street, however.

simon said...

Hey Ben, that is a great song. Andy's a very accomplished song writer with whom I have worked at Spring Harvest. He's now a key figure in the Christian Socialist movement.

I have three of his albums which means I've probably got the song you're quoting. You're right about it being a Later Service theme song. I'll bring it next time...

Ben Fairhall said...

One day I will send you something you haven't already heard of/worked with/or read, I promise! :)