Monday, June 14, 2010

Chilling in the spring sunshine in Leicestershire

Day one in the NAMs house and we're all still playing nicely!

It's been good to catch up with friends and meet new people. The programme is relatively light so there's plenty of room for chatting.

This evening we watched the film 2012 - chosen because it contained no swearing to speak of, no sex and no strong violence (bar the obliteration of whole continents!) - and I for one was so pleased it didn't cost me anything. Clunky dialogue, ridiculous science and pretty average CGI - and this from the director of Speed and Independance Day (obviously having an off day). It was hysterical, though that was a bi-product of the dreadful script.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to hearing Steve Holmes.


Catriona said...

Don't forget to buy your NAMs some wine and/or juice for the evening discussion group too. They'll love you forever!

simon said...

Yeah I'll do that this evening