Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nick and Hannah's awfully big adventure

We were at Nick and Hannah's wedding yesterday and it was everything a wedding should be. There was so much joy and good will on display you could almost taste it.

I conducted the ceremony at church which went really well (I think), a good balance between the formality of the words and the joy of the occasion. We then had tea, coffee and cakes for anyone who'd been at the service in the church hall. It was heaving and the happy couple got to talk to most groups who had come.

We then decamped to Sundridge Park for the reception - fabulous surroundings and excellent food. And we were joined in the evening by a load nore people for yet more food and dancing.

Undoubtedly the weather helped since we could be meandering and chilling outside, especially during the long evening, but there was such a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed catching up with people I see at church but rarely have time for more than just the briefest of conversations.

Sitting chatting and laughing, sharing memories and stories, reminded me yet again that church is about relationships; it's about what happens when people make connection with each other and share their hearts with one another.

In many ways the wedding service itself captures something of this with its stress on committed relationships, on the couple coming together within a community that will support and offer strength to them in their developing relationship. Well, yesterday certainly lived up to that. It was particularly lovely to see the way that the two families were knitting together around the love of these two young people.

So, I wish Nick and Hannah many long years of joy and pray that their relationship may be a beacon of hope to many.

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