Monday, May 14, 2007

Bringing Prism to Bromley

I shall be trying a version of Prism's take on Romans 8 this Sunday at our monthly cafe-style service. The three groans of the passage cry out out for a zone each that will help us express the agony of creation, the church and God in creative ways.

I'm pondering smashing a pile of tiles and fixing them to something (not sure what yet) and would quite like to fine a life-size Russian doll (do not willfully misunderstand that - I am, of course referring to a wooden construction consisting of a doll within a doll within a doll and nothing else that you can acquire over the Internet). I'm also going to do the coffee bean and chocolate ritual. Somehow in my mind this all seems to fit. We'll see.

We also kick off Galatians this week (in the mornings until the end of August), so I am finding Sean Winter's Bible study (available at his blog along with a host of other good things) very helpful. I am going away to ponder what he says about baptism preparation - partly because it's a really good thought and mainly because I begin a series of baptismal preparation sessions with at least two people tomorrow evening (very exciting!).

What I am most struck by is Sean's suggestion that Galatians 3:26-29 offers those being baptised a theological vision of their identity and mission, the start of a new reality we are called to live in day-by-day. It's not only an individual identity, either, but an identity that is focused on joining a community of similarly renewed people who together are working for the redemption of creation (which, of course, takes me back to the bottomless theological lake that is Romans 8...)

So, thanks to Sean for giving my baptismal preparation classes a much-needed make over.

I'll probably also try to read Alan Kreider's essay in the new Andrew Walker/Luke Bretherton collection Remembering our Future: Explorations in Deep Church. Unfortunately, use of the word 'deep' in this context keeps reminding me of the jazz critic on the Fast Show! But I'm sure Alan's piece - 'Baptism and Catecheses as Spiritual Formation - will be stimulating and Godly as his stuff invariably is.


Anonymous said...

What exactly do you want to "fine" the life sized russion doll for. What has she done! The russian doll is innocent. Free the russian doll one . . . two . . . three . . .four . . .

simon said...

well, the russian doll failed to materialise when I needed her. That consititutes breach of contract and hence she should be fined. However, I think I ought to have said 'find' - do you have one? - and that way she can released to fulfill her obligations and her potential.

Liz said...

I must say I'm mightily relieved - a nine foot burning bush is one thing but a life size Russian doll - I'd need at least two weeks notice!!!

Sean Winter said...

Hi Simon
Thanks for the endorsement. I hope the classes go well.

Anonymous said...

Russian doll; Polish chick - I have one who works for me. I think she speaks Russian as well and she's by no means wooden!

What next?