Friday, May 04, 2007

Day one in the baptist assembly house...

(read in strong Newcastle accent) day one in the baptist assembly house and the housemates seem to have negotiated the first night without mishap and make a 7am breakfast with a smile on their faces.

Assembly day one (you can drop the accent now) and everything has gone well. Prism is set up - just the zones to build today and the only hitch so far is that I haven't got enough t-joints to put my prison cell together using plastic waste pipe so we'll need an outing to a plumbers' merchant this morning.

The team is assembling and in good heart. I think it's going to be a blast. If you're in Brighton, at a loose end, come and join us.

Having built the venue, I'll be spending some time this morning wrestling with Romans 8 for tomorrow morning's Bible Study. I have to put the whole chapter in context and give the delegates something to think about and apply to one of six issues in 8 minutes - no pressure there then.

Been listening to Blonde Redhead's latest album. Called 23 (pronounced: two three) it's a gem. Echoes of sixties powerpop, even a moment of Althea and Donna's Uptown topranking (anyone remember that 70s classic?!) but the band they reminded me most of is the British indie outfit from the mid-90s called Lush - the sweeping guitars and synths and delicate female vocals. Check it out, they're well worth it.

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