Monday, September 24, 2012

Glad I'm not on a cricket tour

Day two of the gruelling holiday regime finds us sheltering from the rain in the hotel lounge sipping coffee and updating Facebook and blogs. There are number of distraught England cricket fans nursing post-match bewilderment at such a shambling performance. And there are a number of German guests baffled by the feelings we Brits have about our national game.

I think I might be feeling a little miffed if I'd paid a large sum to be here to watch the twenty20 but hopefully England's fortunes will revive as they head to Kandy for the super 8 part of the tournament. England are looking anything but super now!

Hopefully, the sun will shine a bit later. I got burned yesterday under mainly cloudy skies - as did many of the guests of all nationalities - which serves as a warning to apply factor 50 even when it looks like rain!

Anyway, I think I need a swim to work up an appetite for lunch...

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