Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good and bad news on the climate

Just back from a good time catching up with the peerless Clarence Mendis, social entrepreneur, Christian evangelist and guiding light of Farms Lanka for the last 39 years.

The course is going well, I think - though it is always difficult to tell how things are being received as  Sri Lankans generally do not interact in class until they know their teacher very well, something impossible if you're only with them for a week!

Tomorrow I shall be outlining what I'll be expecting from their assignment. Hopefully, there'll be lots of questions!

We had a lovely walk this afternoon round the mount Lavinia hotel and along the beach in the very warm sunshine. It is - depending on who you talk to here - the rainy season. But it hasn'tt rained since Sunday during the day. Clarence reckons the island is being affected by climate change with the rains less pdictable now than at any time through the past 50 years. This is affecting agricultural production and people's livelihoods.

So good sunny days for us (and we certainly don't want it to rain on our holiday!) are maybe not such good news for Sri Lanka's poor farmers. They are, however, good for the tourist industry, still on its knees and needing more foreign vistors spending their money in the shops and restaurants. It's a complex world...

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